What is Aum?

"Aum is the ultimate syllable which stands for Bhrama itself, the one syllable with which every prayer, every archana (sequence of successive offerings of flowers, or their equivalent to a deity during ritualist worship) and every chanting starts."

Religion for the new Generation: Comic Books

Traditionally, Hindu religious iconography is known for it's beauty and now the level of detail is only intensified. Filled with an array of colors, vast landscapes in an alternate background within the hindu religion, using your choice of comic book app, it is nearly as if you are watching an animated film.  Helping audiences understand their culture, with popular e-reader apps such as Nook and Comixology releasing free downloads of official issues! 

Deepak Chopra has been charting new ground within his variety of work, with a series of comic books in relation to religion. Ranging from the traditional story of Ganesh's origin in "Myths of India: Ganesha", to a slightly more mature,  "Ramayan 3392 AD. Chopra and selected illustrators use the deities we are familiar with, including brothers Ram, Lakshman, and Bharat and Shatrughan; while placing them in a comic book universe, that is not only accurate in referencing their background but brings the ideals and iconography for the current generation and older in a most fascinating way. 

I anticipate continuing to keep up with all further releases of the series' in addition to other artist's growing contributions to the art form such as "Priya's Shakti by Ram Devineni and Vikas K. Menon which continues to expand on new ground by telling a story of a young girl Priya in a more "socially relevant" tale.